Coke Is Love! <3

Monday, April 27, 2009
Update: Coke Is Love is now ready and updated with posts! :)

Fans of Coke and collectors of Coke memorabilia, Coke Is Love is one site you definitely do not want to miss!

I'm in the process of sorting everything out and taking pictures, hence the very empty site, so please do bear with me for a little while :)

Do check back soon!

xx Rachel

Elle tees

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Black Elle Tee with Silver Hearts (Valentine's Edition)

S-sized Valentine's edition tee, definitely form-fitting and of great quality :)

Condition: Worn twice or thrice

Price: RM25

Black Elle Tee with Purple Butterflies

Unlike the Valentine's edition tee it's not round-necked, it's part round-necked, part V-necked. Also S-sized.

Condition: Worn twice or thrice

Price: RM25

Tops: Pre-order, Esprit jacket

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Purple Pouffy-sleeved Blouse (from pre-order)

Colour truer to pre-order picture

Bought this from a pre-order site for RM33/RM34. I really love it a lot--the purple, the pouffy-ish sleeves, the whole thing--but sadly (as you can see from the picture) the bust area is a little too big for me.

Condition: Never worn except for trying

Price: RM28