Monday, November 30, 2009
We're talking vintage lace cardis (with shoulder pads), studded pants and dresses from another era! All of which are truly vintage, as opposed to brand-new 'vintage', and are not for fussy buyers.

All going for only RM20 each (save for the padded blazer originally from HK)! All items can be washed (again) before being sent out.

Thanks for the feature, YSK!

Important note: For any enquiries regarding measurement, sizing, etc, do e-mail me before 5pm, 6 December (Sunday). I'll be away from home for a week and will not be able to accurately answer queries regarding the garments as I won't be having them with me.
Also, all orders confirmed and paid for by 5pm, 6 Dec that do not need re-washing (as they've been washed prior to storing; re-washing done on customers' request) can be sent out early the coming week, but items requiring re-washing can only be sent out earliest next Monday/Tuesday as I'll only be able to pick up the washed garments from home next weekend.

Vintage: Cross-backed Lace Dress

Cream-coloured lace dress
You may have noticed a small patch towards the end of the dress; fret not, we'll give it a good washing before it's sent out. No guarantee it will wash out but you can always give it a lil' Clorox treatment :)
Update: Patch successfully Clorox-ed out!

Lace, close-up

Can you say yum?

Close-up of the crossed back

Lined with a layer of satin inside.
Length: 90"
Pit to pit: 15"
Waist: 13.5"

Vintage: Houndstooth Hepburn

I don't know about you but this seems to me like something Ms Hepburn wouldn't hesitate to put on--and would look good in.
Both classic and timeless.

Length: 28.5"
Pit to pit: 16"
Waist: 15"

Vintage: Padded Blazer

Originally bought from HK back then but the owner never did got around to wearing it.
As usual, padded shoulders and totally structured, this long jacket's versatile enough to complement both vintage and modern-day outfits!
Has two non-functional pockets and one non-functional breast pocket.

Length: 27.5"
Pit to pit: 17.5"
Waist: 15"

Price: RM35

Vintage: One-piece Wonder

Look instantly vintage with this statement dress. Navy blue with cream-coloured polka dots at the neckline and waist down, this piece's bound to bring you back to a glamorous era long forgotten by time.

Length: 34.5"
Pit to pit: 16"
Waist: 14"

Vintage: Sunshine Through My Window

Spot the diamond stitching at the centre of the dress, and how the dress gathers around it.
That's what we call curve-enhancing ;)

Back of dress

Length: 36"
Pit to pit: 16"
Waist: 13"

Vintage: Miss Selfridge Lace Vest

First of all, forgive the hasty photography. The real thing is definitely more balanced.
Secondly, it's vintage from Miss Selfridge, y'all! 'Nuff said.

Length: 12"
Pit to pit: 17"
More suited for plus-size chicks

Vintage: Sleeveless Lace

For those hankering after vintage (or cheaper) sleeveless lace tops, look no further!

Cream lace

Length: 24"
Pit to pit: 16.5"

Vintage: Grey Long Top

Can also be worn as a short dress but do wear something inside as the slit's pretty high!

Length: 27"
Pit to pit: 15.5"
Waist: 14"

Vintage: High-waisted Studded Pants

Who knew that studs were all the rage back then too?
Could that possibly be...a pair of carrot pants I spot?

"Because of their versatility and not so daring appeal, carrot pants are set to be much more popular than harem pants. Carrot pants are named so because of their carrot-like shape–wide at the hips and tapered at the ankles. Carrot pants can also be worn when sporting the safari/tribal look, but can also be made less rustic. Wear a pair of black carrot pants with a skinny belt, a fitted bow top and stilettos for a sophisticated, urban look."

Click here to see how a fashionista on Lookbook rocked a pair of these pants!

Gold studs on navy blue material

Unique waistline

Length: 37.5"
(High) waist: 12"
Hips: 17"

Vintage: Springtime Flirty

Join the floral craze, with just a tinge of vintage!
You know you're dying to.

Length: 19.5"
Waist: 13"

Vintage: Padded Shoulders Lace Cropped Cardi

Everyone knows that lace is back with a big bang. Why spend more than 50 bucks on one, when you can have a truly vintage one for a fraction of the price? This piece practically guarantees no other person having the same thing you do!
Also, notice how the 'collar' falls in gentle ruffles? Love!

Vintage: Orange Lace Grandmama Cardi

Pull this over a simple tank top and black pants and you're all set to stand out! :D
Yes, padded shoulders are coming along for the ride.
Oh, and the colour is way more gorgeous in real life.

Length: 18.5"
Pit to pit: 20"

Vintage: That Elaborate Motif

Black with elaborate motifs on the sleeves; a definite eye-catcher.

Length: 14"
Pit to pit: 19"

Now for long jackets; pair it with any outfit and cinch with a belt.
You can now put on anything modern inside and still look like you just stepped out of a classic 80's magazine.

Vintage: LJ - Cream and Navy Blue

Padded shoulders

Length: 28"
Pit to pit: 18"

Vintage: LJ - Black and Orange (Sheer)

Length: 30"
Pit to pit: 21"

Vintage: LJ - Sunset Glow

Padded shoulders

Length: 32"
Pit to pit: 20"

Baggy love!

Okay so maybe I haven't had much time to write a proper, lengthy, wordy post for these babies, but hey, pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they? Enjoy! :)

For the Beach Babe

While it's all white and snowing for Christmas in the northern hemisphere, for us it's perpetual summer, all year round! But that's no reason to sulk; hit the beach with these gorgeous beach-ready bags from Bangkok and you'll soon see Christmas need not be white to be fun.
Brand new, available in lilac and orange

Patchwork Vintage

Instant L.O.V.E, wouldn't you say?
The best part is, it's slim, but should you need to store more essentials, it's expandable!
This lovely bag brought back from abroad will just about complement any outfit there is.
Brand new

The Lady and the Clubhouse

Last but not least, a classy, rather sporty piece for a day at the golf resort.
By Jane Shilton for Clubhouse, where grab handbags start from £59!
Proudly brought in all the way from the UK.
Brand new, true colour slightly darker than pictured

Irresistible Pouts

Thursday, November 19, 2009
So what happened was, my aunt dropped by bearing the gift of cosmetics. A small beauty loot, really (yes, they're all fresh off the counters). Out of the bunch, two of them are going on Stuff R Love--not because they're any less drool-worthy, but because there are only so many lipsticks a girl can put on!

Guerlain KissKiss Maxi Shine Lipstick in Nude Shine (sold)

You've never tried quality cosmetics until you've tried Guerlain. This baby is luxury for lips; is it any wonder since it is, after all, from Paris? The brand's enough to strike awe in beauty product hoarders all around the world.

Don't just take my word for it, read this blogger's review. Higher praises for lipstick has never been sung...until Guerlain KissKiss Maxi Shine, that is. Some excerpts:

Guerlain’s packaging is always beautiful. And Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lipstick is not an exception. It comes is a glamorous golden lipstick case which is simply a pleasure to hold in your hands.

I am prone to dry chapped lips. That is why when I am looking for a perfect lipstick I don’t only look for the right color but also for the right texture. I want it not to dry my lips. And in my experience so many lipsticks do feel drying and make lips flake. I also like not to feel the lipstick on my lips at all. It shouldn’t be sticky or have a very intensive smell. In my opinion, moisturizing lipstick with SPF protection is perfect! Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lives up to all of my expectations

Seriously, do visit the site to

While I can't find its retail price in MYR, I did note that it's going for more than RM100 in eBay Malaysia...the starting bid, that is. I'm guessing the counter price is definitely higher.

Get yours here at only RM65.

And if lip gloss is more your thing,

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Rose

Taken from the Estee Lauder website

The lighting's a bit off in this picture, do refer to the one below for a truer colour

Price: RM20