Sexy Blue Satin Spag

Sunday, June 28, 2009
This piece oozes pure sexiness. Just look at it.

Cobalt blue. Frilly lace. Pleated bust area. Smooth satin.

Believe you me, this combination will make guys spontaneously combust ;)

The epitome of sultry

Pleats, lace and ribbon makes you go 'oooo'

Silky satin

Smocked back

Bought from Lace Closet at RM43.90 (it's now defunct, I believe).
Tag still intact, never worn

The length of this sexxay top is slightly shorter than your average spaghetti strap top--which makes it just perfect for pairing with low-waist jeans.

Walk on the trendy side, baby--not one for boring people ;)

Condition: Brand new

Price: RM38

Lustrous Light Chocolate Pearl Necklace

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 layers of shiny pearly beauty. And with ribbons too; throwing in something a lil more girly and modern to the strings of classic pearls. A number of faux diamonds to glam up this piece of accessory as well.

Colour truest to this picture

How it looks when worn. Isn't it great how it makes sure you don't look like you under-accessorised, yet it's not overbearing at the same time?

The pearls are faux, of course :)

Condition: Brand new

Price: RM15

Tops: Low Cut Blouse, Spaghetti Strap, Lilac Tee

Sunday, June 7, 2009
Low Cut Red Blouse + Yellow Spaghetti Strap

Both are separate items but I've paired them up so the whole look is more decent. However, if you're more on the daring side, wear the blouse by itself, I say! That'll definitely divert a lot of attention your way ;)

How low or high the cutting is depends entirely on you, because the neck part is adjustable! For example, if you pair it with the yellow spaghetti strap, you can pull it down further to reveal more of the bright, sunny top! See below.

How you mix and match the blouse and the spaghetti strap is entirely up to you, but personally? I like this combo of striking colours a lot.

The red blouse is tagged as an S but it's stretchable.

Condition: red blouse - never worn, yellow spaghetti - worn once

Price: red blouse - RM15, yellow spaghetti - RM10