Practically Invisible

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Leggings may not be as 'in' as it once was, but one item that's timeless for sure--tights a.k.a. pantyhose. Used to provide an illusion of flawless legs, it is practically a wardrobe must-have for girls of all ages. It's great for presentations and parties, work and dinners.

While it is true that they're a dime a dozen, not all are created equal. Luckily, after some time of wearing one-time-use-only pantyhose (because they easily snag and run after half a day, thanks to substandard material), I've found what I deem the perfect pair. Brought in from Hong Kong, these tights are love.

Yes, they're practically invisible! ;)

The material is very unlike the ones you find in Guardian (yes, that's where I get my tights from before I found these gems); this one's made of dwi-layer intertwined lycra. What this means is that it'll definitely last longer than your average pair, and stays tight and in-shape despite many washes! Who likes saggy pantyhose, right?

Because it's made of lycra, it also provides more body support: for the tummy, hips and upper thighs. Trust me when I say it makes your legs look more shapely and defined; no one sees jiggly bits on my thighs anymore when I walk!

It looks ultra sheer. Long story short: a friend actually brought several pairs back from HK for herself, and I never noticed when she wore them until she told me, because her legs don't show it!

Put them under bright lights (e.g. at night parties/clubs) and you'll see that they're subtly luminous. They give your legs a healthy sheen that makes you glow :)

Now, although this is a pre-owned/pre-loved blog, I assure you that these tights are brand new, in its plastic and everything. I'd never sell pre-loved intimates; that's plain unhygienic.

How it works: A friend is heading to HK at the end of the month and will be bringing these back if there is demand. Stock will arrive back in Malaysia in the first week of November.

However, I do have several pairs on hand (from her last trip there) for those who'd like to try one out first
:) *All gone!

Currently available in 2 shades: Nude and Black.


Pre-order tentatively closing on 31st October.
Full payment upfront is required to secure your order (to be made by 31st Oct).

Material: Lycra

Denier: 15. Hip and tummy area, 30.

Fits: UK4 - 16 (approximate)

Only RM10/pair

Postage via Pos Ekspres (RM3.50), fits a maximum of 3 pairs per envelope.
Do enquire within if you'd prefer other methods of delivery.


danaini said...

hey there does this work for darker skin as well?

Books R Love said...

Hi dear,

It depends on how much darker :) This shade works best for skin tones that are more typical of Chinese (fair - slightly tan).

We might be able to bring in black, however, for girls who are looking for black tights :)

umairaharis said...

hye dear i want this pantyhose.. but i can see ur email or order form..
help me please really want it

Books R Love said...

Hi dear,

Order format at sidebar :)

Anyway here it is, for your convenience:

Contact number:
Method of delivery: Poslaju/registered post/Pos Ekspres

You can e-mail it to me at

Hope this helps! :)

Donna said...

I want! but i can only pay on the 29th.. when is your friend leaving for HK???? arghhhh!!

Books R Love said...

Friend's in HK already but won't be coming back till beginning of Nov, so no worries! :) 29th is fine 'cause orders close 31st anyway :)

MY BLOG said... the item still available? i need black color ASAP..tq~

BeautyLicious~ said...

hi, is this still available?

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